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Public Security Issues for Corporations in a Dangerous World

Public Security in the Corporate Environment

professional security guard Public security is a concern that people pay more attention to in general these days. Nobody wants to live in constant fear and suspicion, but the news is often filled with alarming stories and reports. The dangers of crime, violent extremism, natural disasters and other seemingly random events have a way of preying on people’s minds.

Safety is a State of Mind

The truth, of...
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How Facility Management Works For You

How Facility Management Works For Your Company

facility management pictureIn an increasingly complex business world, companies rely on processes to keep them operating smoothly and efficiently. This is true of your IT needs, your accounting needs, and your building maintenance needs. But the more you need to actively manage the processes on which you rely, the harder it is to focus in on any particular area of need. The Service Fort facilities management service exists to handle one...
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Security Guard Services in Atlanta by Fort Secure

Atlanta Security Guard Services

atlanta security guard services logoThe Service Fort has expanded!  We now have a new division called Fort Secure.  Fort Secure can provide our clients with both short and long-term security guard services in the Atlanta Metro area. We can customize a security program to fit your budget, overall coverage and unique challenges. At Fort Secure we employ only well-qualified and military-trained guards who are ready to assist you with your specific requirements. We...
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