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Public Security Issues for Corporations in a Dangerous World

Public Security in the Corporate Environment

professional security guard Public security is a concern that people pay more attention to in general these days. Nobody wants to live in constant fear and suspicion, but the news is often filled with alarming stories and reports. The dangers of crime, violent extremism, natural disasters and other seemingly random events have a way of preying on people’s minds.

Safety is a State of Mind

The truth, of...
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Why It Is So Difficult For Employees to Keep the Office Clean?

Why It Is So Difficult For Employees to Keep the Office Clean?

keep the office cleanIt is fairly common knowledge that a clean workspace has positive benefits on productivity. Many people are aware of this fact and although they may try their best to keep their work environment clean, most people are not the best at actually maintaining a high level of hygiene. Particularly when it comes to a shared office space, people seem to be unable to share...
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5 Ways to Get The Most Out of Your Custodial Service

A long day of work can be tiring, and it may be difficult to imagine adding another task to your busy schedule. But there are a few simple steps you can take to make the job of your custodial service run more smoothly and enhance the efficiency of your office.

Tidy Your Workspace

Before you leave for the day, make sure your desk/workspace is neat and orderly. Put important documents and notes in their correct location, pick up...
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Keeping the Office Clean

Keep It Clean, Keep It Productive – 4 Reasons To Keep The Office Clean

Many of us have been reminded time after time that keeping things clean is necessary, but what is the actual connection between a clean office and a productive workforce? While many people attest to a greater ability to concentrate when they are working in a clean and clear workspace, there are some greater reasons that contribute to the connection between productivity and general cleanliness that are generally underestimated. Here are 4 of the top...
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Keep The Office Kitchen Clean

Simple Ways To Keep The Office Kitchen Clean

office kitchen cleaning pictureAn office kitchen can be a great space to boost office morale. It provides an area for employees to gather, discuss ideas and take a quick break from the constant push forward. However, a messy office kitchen can quickly turn into a nightmare. When people leave dirty plates or food on the counter spaces, employees will quickly wash their of responsibility. No one wants to clean up after...
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