Why Workplace Cleanliness is Vital to Productivity

Cleanliness and Workplace Productivity

workplace cleanliness pictureThere are many influences on the productivity of a workplace: employee relationships, workplace culture, managerial attitude, and even the general feel of the working environment. Part of maintaining a strong, productive atmosphere in your workplace is keeping it consistently clean. Cleanliness has a strong impact on how well employees perform in a work setting by improving health, workflow, and overall mood.



One of the obvious benefits of keeping your workplace clean is the reduction of germs and filth in the vicinity. This means healthier employees, which in turn means fewer sick days and higher energy levels.

When people think of sanitation, the bathroom is likely the first place to come to mind. However, there are other areas that can breed germs just as easily. Doors and other surfaces in high traffic areas will see plenty of hands daily, meaning lots of germ buildup with plenty of exposure to employees. Desks, phone receivers, and computer keyboards also tend to be breeding grounds for microorganisms—in fact, they often make toilets look clean. Keeping on top of all these areas is vital to a healthy workforce.



Along with sanitation, cleaning involves the reduction of clutter. Keeping an orderly environment makes it easier for your workplace to function as it needs to and improves workflow. It also reduces the likelihood of mistakes and lost items, which is especially important when it comes to getting vital or time-sensitive paperwork where it needs to be.

In a well-ordered environment, employees also have easier access to needed materials and equipment, thus improving productivity by cutting down on the time taken trying to figure out where so-and-so left the hole punch.



A clean environment improves the overall mood of the workplace. This is especially important during the cold, dark winter months when depression tends to reach its peak. A dirty, cluttered place only puts more stress on those working within it, whereas a clean one makes it much easier to relax. This improves morale, focus, and overall vigor.

Cleanliness also improves the culture within the workplace. It sends a message—“We are a clean, crisp, professional team that is committed to quality in everything we do.” Conversely, a filthy area will send the opposite message – something along the lines of, “our environment is not professional, and we don’t care about the work done here.” It is clear which message is preferred.


Commercial Janitorial Services

The emotional influence a clean workplace will have on team members is just as important as health and workflow, and should be remembered when choosing a janitorial service. You need someone who has experience with commercial cleaning and who is committed to doing the job the way it needs to be done.


Enlisting a professional janitorial service not only helps boost productivity through keeping your work environment clean, but it also reduces the resources you have to devote toward accomplishing that end. The Service Fort collaborates with customers in Atlanta to provide them with the best possible environment for employees, customers, and tenants. Call (770) 856-5751

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