What is ATP Monitoring and How Can It Help?

ATP Monitoring by The Service Fort

atp monitoring atlanta pictureATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) is present in all living cells and is therefore an indicator of biological contamination of e.g. human or bacterial origin. ATP can be detected rapidly by light emission through the combined use of the enzyme luciferase and a luminometer. The measured light is proportional to the ATP level.  Generally, clean surfaces show low levels of total ATP.  Therefore, light output greater than 2 to 3 times background of the clean surface indicates that the area tested is contaminated with biological material.

ATP monitoring for bacteria levels at your facility can significantly reduce your risk of the spread of dangerous bacteria and germs. The Service Fort can use these techniques to help keep your facility or place of business clean.  It is just another step that we take to ensure the safety of your business, clients and employees. You can read more about ATP, here.

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