Reasons to Outsource Your Janitorial Team

Five Reasons to Outsource Your Janitorial Team

outsource your janitorial team pictureOutsourcing your company’s janitorial work to a third party yields numerous benefits to your business and your staff.

The word “outsourcing” has become such a dirty word. Today, it often brings to mind underpaid foreign factory workers, lost stateside jobs, and general economic instability. However, on its own, the actual word “outsourcing” is not necessarily dirty, nor does it need to be—especially when it comes to janitorial services.

Shown below are 5 benefits and reasons to outsource your janitorial team and services;

1. Lower Operating Costs

Hiring, training, and paying janitorial personnel can be pricey for any company. In fact, the cost of filling positions of any kind is among the highest expenses many businesses face, especially when that personnel doesn’t directly generate revenue. In addition, you need to supply them with equipment, cleaning products, and other supplies. Outsourcing janitorial work to an external party eliminates the time, expense, and hassle involved in keeping an in-house team, thus freeing up funds for more revenue-related pursuits.


2. Streamlined Facilities Management

Keeping your office and facilities clean and presentable is vital to maintaining a healthy work environment and a well-kept image, but it can also involve numerous elements that can be hectic to manage. With an outsourced team, those managerial complexities are all handled by the service, making in-house management tasks much simpler. In addition, there will be no need to consult with various different contractors since all your cleaning and maintenance needs will be handled externally.


3. Increased Company Focus

With the extra funds and time freed up by outsourcing cleaning and maintenance operations, you and your staff are able to better focus on tasks that are more central to your business goals. This ultimately leads to a greater return on your investment than you would see with an in-house managed janitorial service.


4. Expanded Resources and Expertise

Again, effective janitorial teams require both training and supplies. With an external service, both of these are handled by a party that is exclusively dedicated to janitorial work. Therefore, you get higher levels of expertise and greater access to resources than you might have had otherwise—and all for less than you would pay for in-house cleaning and maintenance.


5. Reliable Quality

As training and supplies are handled by the third party, so too are licensing and insurance. Reliable professional cleaning services are insured, bonded, and certified, so there is much less risk of getting a bad egg in your janitorial crew. In addition, they also tend to be better trained and equipped, not to mention more reliable overall. For example, if a cleaner calls in sick, the service will be the party to handle the issue, not you. Cleaning will therefore always be done as scheduled.

Outsourcing your custodial services provides huge benefits to your company. They provide consistent quality of work, minimize cleaning costs to you, and allow you to focus more on business objectives.


The Service Fort is certified, insured, and well supplied, and will provide the reliable commercial cleaning services you need, all a lower price than in-house janitors. For quality janitorial services in Atlanta, call us at (770) 856-5751.

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