Keep The Office Kitchen Clean

Simple Ways To Keep The Office Kitchen Clean

office kitchen cleaning pictureAn office kitchen can be a great space to boost office morale. It provides an area for employees to gather, discuss ideas and take a quick break from the constant push forward. However, a messy office kitchen can quickly turn into a nightmare. When people leave dirty plates or food on the counter spaces, employees will quickly wash their of responsibility. No one wants to clean up after another person, and this can cause serious issues in an office. If the space is not upheld to a standard, it can quickly become an area of contention. However, there are methods for making sure that an office kitchen space is always free of mess and clutter.


1. Set A Cleaning Policy

If keeping the kitchen clean in the office is an issue, it is likely because there is no clear policy on how it should be done. Creating some guidelines will give people an idea on how to use the space appropriately. Letting employees know that they should clean their dishes immediately after use is a good way to set a standard before it is too late.


2. Visibly Post The Rules

A cleaning policy is not effective if no one knows exactly what it means. This can be avoided by clearly posting the rules for the kitchen office. When there is a sign that says ‘Throw Out Old Food From The Fridge’ it lets people know what the right course of action is, and puts pressure on them to uphold it. It’s much more difficult to deny knowledge of the rules when it is posted right in front of everyone.


3. Put Someone In Charge Of The Kitchen

office kitchen cleaning tips pictureWhen people use a shared space, it is easy to pass the responsibilities on to the next person. However, if there is someone who is in charge of the space, then people know that they are accountable to someone. This makes it much easier for employees to be sensitive to the level of cleanliness that is expected.


4. Clean Up As It Is Needed

One of the best policies to have in an office kitchen is to encourage people to clean up right away. This keeps the space clear and clean for the next person, and makes it much more enjoyable for everyone who uses the office kitchen. If an employer can build this habit among the employees, then the path to a clean office kitchen is clear.


5. Hire A Cleaning Service

There are some levels of cleaning the office kitchen that are more difficult to encourage employees to do. For example, most employees will understand that they need to wash their dishes after use, but it is much less likely that they will be pulling back the fridge to sweep up crumbs or scrubbing down counter tops. This is why it can also be advantageous to hire a cleaning service to do the jobs that no one else is willing to do. This in conjunction with a great cleaning policy will ensure a clean office kitchen everyday.


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