Is Your Commercial Cleaning Service Judging You?

What Does Your Cleaning Crew Think About You?

In the course of a typical business day, people go through their regular routines in office buildings, public spaces, and all types of commercial properties. One thing most people never think about is the professional cleaning crews that keep the business environment clean, safe, and functional.

The question here is, what do those commercial cleaning service workers think about the people they are cleaning up after? Do they think of their work as a thankless job? And, are they judging the people that make the messes?

Somebody Has To Do the Dirty Work

When people think of public washrooms, they can easily picture the messes around the toilets and urinals. They can imagine the sinks and floors with water splashed everywhere, making for not only a messy appearance but also a nasty slipping hazard just for good measure.

Most people, however, don’t have a thought for the janitor who goes in after the work day is done to clean things up. When a wadded-up paper towel hits the floor instead of the garbage container, how many of us stop to pick it up and put it where it belongs? And once that first piece of paper hits the floor and stays there, what chance does the next piece of wayward paper stand?

So Clean You Could Eat Off It

Owners and managers of restaurants and bars are always concerned about the cleanliness of their establishments throughout the day. They know professional janitors will come in after hours to completely sanitize the kitchen, dining, and washroom areas. But during the heavy traffic of a business day, the regular staff normally shares the responsibility for keeping things clean.

At these times, with hands-on experience of the “dirty work,” staff may reflect momentarily on the idea of professional cleaning as a full-time occupation, but probably not with envy in mind. What is the attitude of the professional cleaner who actually does the job day in and day out?

Janitors Tell Their Own Stories

Fortunately, we don’t have to wonder anymore. Interesting stories of the janitorial life offer insights into this often neglected group of essential service providers. Some have used janitorial work as a springboard to a different career path, having learned valuable life lessons that they carry into the future. Others have made a career as professional janitors, or developed and operated their own commercial cleaning businesses. What these story-tellers have in common is an understanding that people simply have other priorities and other things on their mind. Professional cleaners see this as an opportunity rather than as an insult.

Janitorial Work Is An Honorable Calling

So, no, your janitors are not judging you. At least, not most of the time. They go through their work day (or work night) with a constructive attitude that is similar to most other professionally trained workers. They don’t take it personally, but they do take it seriously.

When they find a particularly ugly mess in the lunchroom or washroom, they know that in cleaning it up, germs and all, they are delivering an essential service. And they know it affects just about everyone in the public sphere, just about every single day.

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