How Facility Management Works For You

How Facility Management Works For Your Company

facility management pictureIn an increasingly complex business world, companies rely on processes to keep them operating smoothly and efficiently. This is true of your IT needs, your accounting needs, and your building maintenance needs. But the more you need to actively manage the processes on which you rely, the harder it is to focus in on any particular area of need. The Service Fort facilities management service exists to handle one set of responsibilities for you, letting you give attention to other areas of running your company.


On Call Maintenance Service

Maintenance and repair needs arise constantly, and usually at the least convenient times. Managing the ebb and flow of issues in your building can be rather taxing for you or an on-site maintenance team. You have to be ready for anything, either by having people move off of other duties to pitch in, or by having staff members sit around until called upon. Neither is ideal for a busy organization.

When you hire a facilities management team, on the other hand, they can meet your needs without overstaffing—and overtaxing your payroll—at times the need is not as great. It takes the guesswork out of keeping your building operations on track, while ensuring you have prepared assistance when something goes wrong.


Inspections and Recommendations

building maintenance and inspection pictureBeing prepared for emergencies matters, but you find a stronger position when you can head them off before they hit. Facilities management works best when you perform regular maintenance inspections. If you can identify potential difficulties or problem areas in your building, you can repair the smaller concerns before they emerge.

We recommend regular inspections of your property because they give us an opportunity to identify these problem spots. Stop pressure buildup, and your pipes are less likely to burst. Tune up your HVAC system, and you are less likely to have to go without heat in the winter or air conditioning in the summer. Just as you don’t wait for your customers to leave before you advertise for more business, so you should never wait for your building to go bad before you work to prepare it to function at its best.


Keeping You Running Smoothly

A general rule of management, whether you are managing people or systems, is that you are most efficient when 80% of your time is spent on the 20% where the attention is most needed. When we perform regular inspections and maintenance on your home or office space, we cut off minor problems and set ourselves up to be able to focus on the bigger, more immediate issues. You need a building that works properly, and you most likely do not have the time or resources to push forward on the 80/20 model. At The Service Fort, we pride ourselves on the ability to efficiently manage your building. We keep track of your everyday maintenance needs so we can limit the number of true emergencies you face—and then handle them more quickly and effectively as a result.

At The Service Fort in Atlanta, we don’t look to be noticed in our day to day work in your organization. We pride ourselves on doing the little things that help you focus elsewhere. In doing so, we make our best contribution to your success. Call us at (770) 856-5751 for Atlanta Facility Management and Janitorial Services

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