Five Cleaning Memes

Five Cleaning Memes That Prove You’re Not Alone

ancient cleaning joke pictureAt The Service Fort we work hard to provide our customers with the best green cleaning and janitorial services in Atlanta. We take pride in our work from staff training to customer care, we believe in helping improve the facility image and emphasize cleanliness in the workplace.

Sometimes we like to take a moment to poke fun of ourselves. We’ve collected five cleaning jokes to help brighten your day.



Simple Cleaning

simple cleaning joke picture

Break Out The Pine Sol!

blame the dog joke picture

Look a Squirrel!

attention deficit cleaning disorder joke picture



Where’s Philip?

cleaning joke picture

Modern-day Cleaning Shoes

cleaning shoes joke picture

The Service Fort, LLC currently cleans over 6 million square feet every night. When you interface with a Service Fort professional, we listen to your wants, needs and budget from which we base our Healthy High Performance Cleaning program (HHPC). Our HHPC program can help improve the image of your facility, as well as show your employees, customers or tenants that you care about their health in the work place.

To learn more about our services, or a facility consultation, give us a call (770) 856-5751

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