Fighting H1N1 and Other Germs Part 3

Fighting H1N1 – Part 3

commercial cleaning atlanta pictureH1N1, germs and other bacteria can be prevented or significantly reduced at all facilities.  The Service Fort will provide the proper products to all these facilities to help achieve this.  As a part of our three step plan, we will provide training on the proper use of these products in order to use them safely and efficiently.  We will also provide signage to ensure that everyone at your facility is aware of the steps you are taking to control this microbial threat.  This will also help instruct everyone on how to properly protect themselves from the spread of germs and bacteria.

All of our programs, including our fight against the spread of H1n1, germs and other bacteria are backed with MSDS documentation, training logs and related information, so you and your facility can always be sure you are in compliance.
proper hand washing chart

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