Fighting H1N1 and Other Germs Part 2

Fighting H1N1 – Part 2

fighting germs in atlanta pictureIn Part 1 we established that one of the most significant health concerns among public facilities is the spread of H1N1 virus and other germs.  We also talked about the importance of washing your hands and using hand sanitizing stations.  In Part 2 we will discuss surface sanitizing. This is another very important measure that should be taken to reduce cross-contamination and the spread of these dangerous germs.
All facilities should frequently sanitize all surfaces, including. counter tops, railings, door handles and break room areas.  The Service Fort uses and also offers, several products to clean and sanitize these many surface areas.  One such product is a fast acting sanitizing spray.  It can sanitize the surface in 30 seconds and does not require rinse or wipe down.  Dry sanitizing sprays and foggers also greatly reduce the spread of germs, bacteria and viruses. These products are a good fit for several facilities that want a no waiting, no wiping and no mess procedure.

surface cleaning products atlanta pictureSome of the products that we use and sell are produced by SaniGaurd.  Click here for a great video describing how effective these products can be at sanitizing surfaces to prevent the spread of various types of germs and bacteria.

cleaning products by the service fort atlanta picture

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