Fighting H1N1 and Other Germs Part 1

Fighting H1N1 – Part 1

The most significant public health concern in virtually all commercial environments today is the threat of H1N1 and other types of influenza. To combat this danger, The Service Fort has developed a comprehensive program to help minimize the opportunity for cross contamination and illness.

Our plan has 3 parts, today we will cover step one;

hand sanitizing pictureHand Sanitizing –Ā  According to the CDC, the best line of defense against the spread of any germ is proper hand hygiene. The Service Fort offers an array of foam soap systems that are cost effective and are proven to increase hand washing. We offer free dispensers and installation with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

In addition to soap, it is also necessary to have hand sanitizing stations available for use outside of bathroom areas such as hallways, entryways, food prep areas, and break room areas. We offer an array of PurellĀ® wall-mount and freestanding dispensers to meet your specific needs. Touch-free and manual systems are available.

sanitizing stations by the service fort picturehand sinitizing stations atlanta picture

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