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Contract Janitorial Services

Contract Janitorial Services as Liability Protection

contract janitorial services pictureWhen you consider the myriad ways contract janitorial services can save your company money, risk management may not be one of the benefits that come immediately to mind. It may be one of the most important, though. When you take on employees, you take on liability risks with them. And janitorial services, for several reasons, present many of these risks beyond what your other employees do. Bringing in contract...
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Outsourcing Facility Management

Outsourcing Facility Management Needs

outsourcing facility management services pictureYour business operates to make products or provide services to your customers. Those customers may be in Atlanta or spread across the country or even the world. The people you depend on to make it all work, though, function with a local presence in your buildings. For them to do their jobs and drive your success in the market, they need to be in a place that meets their evolving...
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A Flexible Janitorial Service

Why a flexible janitorial service matters

flexible janitorial serviceMany businesses maintain a regular, full-time janitorial staff. While this works for some, it necessarily removes some flexibility from what you can do. Rather than staff for the level of service you need at any given time, you find you have more help than you need at some points, but less than you need at others. An alternative that more and more companies have embraced is contract janitorial services. The...
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Common Break Room Cleanliness Issues

Break Room Cleanliness Issues

break room cleanliness pictureThe break room is a place for everyone to relax and unwind a bit before tackling the rest of the workday. As such, it is often the scene of light conversation, the breeding ground of office gossip, and the central stage of workplace drama. Much of the drama that occurs in the break room may be due to cleanliness issues, often punctuated by statements such as: “Who reheated cod in here? It...
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Reasons to Outsource Your Janitorial Team

Five Reasons to Outsource Your Janitorial Team

outsource your janitorial team pictureOutsourcing your company’s janitorial work to a third party yields numerous benefits to your business and your staff. The word “outsourcing” has become such a dirty word. Today, it often brings to mind underpaid foreign factory workers, lost stateside jobs, and general economic instability. However, on its own, the actual word “outsourcing” is not necessarily dirty, nor does it need to be—especially when it comes to janitorial services. Shown...
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