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Avoid Winter Clutter

Tips For Avoiding Winter Clutter

avoid winter clutter pictureYou may have dreaded the end of winter because it usually meant one thing: spring cleaning. While there’s nothing wrong with being clean, spring cleaning is a little different. This project is bigger, more intense, and extremely time consuming. The winter is a time when homes, businesses, and facilities tend to become cluttered because people begin to collect, buy, and receive lots of items that can really pile up. Soon,...
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10 Facts About Cleaning

10 Facts About Cleaning You Probably Didn't Know

10 facts about cleaning pictureYou’ve heard it growing up, “Pick up your room! Clean the house! Keep your things in order!” Well, we’re really no different than your parents when it comes to expressing the importance of cleaning.  

Here is a list of 10 facts about cleaning you probably didn't know

1. If you clean for two hours, you burn at least 200 calories. 2. 70% of dust particles are comprised of...
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Preparing Your Property for Fall

The Service Fort Can Prepare Your Property For Fall

prepare your facility for fall picturePull out the sweaters; the pumpkin spice, and your fall decor, autumn has officially arrived. In preparation for the colder months, now is the right time to inspect your office building for any repairs, maintenance, or restoration that needs to take place before winter. We've comprised a few quick tips to help get this done at...
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Fighting H1N1 and Other Germs Part 3

Fighting H1N1 - Part 3

commercial cleaning atlanta pictureH1N1, germs and other bacteria can be prevented or significantly reduced at all facilities.  The Service Fort will provide the proper products to all these facilities to help achieve this.  As a part of our three step plan, we will provide training on the proper use of these products in order to use them safely and efficiently.  We will also provide signage to ensure that everyone at your...
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