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Hand Sanitizers in the Workplace

The Importance of Hand Sanitizers

importance of hand sanitizers in the workplace pictureHand washing is one of the best ways to stop the spread of the influenza virus and germs. In most work environments, a hand-washing station is not always readily available. By providing your employees with easy access to hand sanitizers, you can keep the flu from significantly affecting your company. Using hand sanitizers is a good daily habit and a preventative measure your workers can take...
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Benefits of Green Cleaning

Benefits of Green Cleaning and FAQ's

benefits of green cleaning pictureNow that spring is in full swing, it’s a good idea to take time and begin planning on going green for spring cleaning. The Service Fort is a professional cleaning service in Cobb County favored by clients for our professionalism, expertise and thoroughness. With all the buzz surrounding green cleaning, we’ve opted to break it down and explain it in a more simplistic...
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Combat Springtime Allergies

How To Combat Springtime Allergies

allergiesSpring has unearthed her beautiful self, which means longer days, sunshine, and a whole lot of pretty flowers loaded with pollen. Amidst your spring-cleaning, we’ve compiled a list of tips to help you cope with the allergens, because we all know how bad springtime in Atlanta can be.  

Tips to Combat Allergies

  • Know your triggers. According to, about 50 million Americans have seasonal allergies that...
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Commercial Cleaning 101

Commercial Cleaning at Your Business

commercial cleaning services atlanta pictureFor business owners that value the importance of a professional image having an office that is clean and tidy is essential. Your business is a reflection of you and your commitment to cleanliness plays a vital role in the experience of your colleagues and potential prospects. In addition, this also communicates to your staff that you value their health in the workplace because Healthy High Performance Cleaning (HHPC) is...
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Attacking Those Dirty Floors

Cleaning Dirty Floors Made Easier

dirty floors pictureFrequent cleaning makes the process easier, especially with floors. Your floor is likely made from one of the following: vinyl, ceramic tile, laminate, or wood. Each material should be treated a little differently. Keep your home or office maintained in between The Service Fort visits by creating a consistent cleaning schedule for your floors.

These are some of tips our professionals follow to make the process more efficient:

  • When mopping,...
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