A Janitorial Team Working For You

Get a Janitorial Team Working For You

janitorial team pictureRunning a business is very different from most other jobs. The difference lies in distinguishing between managing and doing. While some of your workers undoubtedly believe they work harder than you do, the truth is that keeping everything moving smoothly—and taking responsibility for it doing so—requires a particular, rare mindset. Your role is very much like a coach of a sports team. You need to oversee the work of every unit, and trust that with your guidance, they will succeed.

A contract janitorial service serves in much the same role as an offensive line or a low-post defensive specialist. Their work often goes unnoticed, but they represent a critical component, without which the whole team fails. When you find a group that works well together and for you, it makes every other aspect of what you do easier.


Doing the Dirty Work

Your janitorial services team does, quite literally, the dirty work within your organization. This includes keeping surfaces clean, safe, and disinfected; clearing trash and other debris from the workplace; and handling spills and other concerns that arise. It takes care of messes large and small, and does so quietly and professionally. The rest of your team may know them by name or by sight, but generally does not fully understand the critical nature of their role.

A contract janitorial team handles this role better than anyone. They operate under their own employment umbrella, reporting to you on time, tasks, and other aspects of their work. They are accountable to you and your company, and serve diligently. You oversee their work on a broad level, but trust their professionalism and their methods to handle their duties effectively and appropriately.


Freeing Your Time to Lead

jantorial team pictureOne of the greatest benefits to working with a contract team is that it allows you to perform your higher-level leadership functions. No one, however brilliant or diversely skilled, can handle everything that needs to be done in an organization. Instead you delegate, and those to whom you delegate tasks report to you. Your front line janitorial squad does work you will never see at work. The results show up not in obvious ways, but in clean floors and desks, in empty trash cans, and in a healthy, happy work force.

When you do not have consistent work in this area, you lose time and energy following up and fixing mistakes. Just as your time developing a quarterback means nothing if your left tackle cannot protect him, so your time developing your sales team or in-house legal team means little if they are sick all winter. Your team depends on the janitorial team on its most basic levels of functionality, and your work throughout your organization will stumble without that work being done well.


At The Service Fort in Atlanta, we don’t look to be noticed in our day to day work in your organization. We pride ourselves on doing the little things that help you focus elsewhere. In doing so, we make our best contribution to your success. Call us at (770) 856-5751 for Atlanta Janitorial Services

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