A Flexible Janitorial Service

Why a flexible janitorial service matters

flexible janitorial serviceMany businesses maintain a regular, full-time janitorial staff. While this works for some, it necessarily removes some flexibility from what you can do. Rather than staff for the level of service you need at any given time, you find you have more help than you need at some points, but less than you need at others.

An alternative that more and more companies have embraced is contract janitorial services. The cost savings can be significant, but even more, this option also offers a flexible janitorial service, which means you can have the level of janitorial service you need at any given time.


Accidents Don’t Get Scheduled

This scalability matters. While you can expect certain activities on a schedule, such as cleaning out trash cans and cleaning your break room at night, the big needs often arise when no one expects them. If a pipe explodes or an accident occurs on site, your regular cleaning staff may not be enough to address the situation quickly. A contract staff, on the other hand, can be on call and ready to handle whatever mess you throw at them.

Every organization should have a disaster management plan. While this generally focuses on data security and business continuity, disasters that impact your facilities can create stresses on everyone trying to return to a normal day to day functionality. Keeping someone like Service Fort on call can keep you ready for any kind of building malfunction, so you can focus your internal team on significant business concerns.


Private Office Spaces

If you have employees who work odd hours, it can also be useful to have janitors who can be scheduled around late work nights or intense business times. Someone working late may find cleaning staff in their office distracting at crucial moments of work. Much better to work with an organization that can adjust scheduling as needed without complicating your payroll system, requiring overtime, or otherwise disrupting your workplace.

Businesses today are finding ways to allow flexibility within their professionals’ lives. One way to help with this is to work with a janitorial vendor who can provide services on a varying schedule of needs. A contract team can perform services when you need them, and only when you need them.


Scaling for Need

Your organization may be able to plan events more easily with an outside organization ready to help you. Corporate parties or marketing functions can put a strain on your internal resources, because you generally staff for the usual day-to-day needs you experience. An outside team like Service Fort allows you to scale up quickly for larger events, without putting extra strain on your human resources department.

Further, a contract organization can adjust smoothly to a changing workforce. If your organization fluctuates over the year, or grows or shrinks with a changing economy, you can react more nimbly with an outside janitorial organization that you can staff based on your needs. By outsourcing your janitorial functions, you keep yourself ready for whatever the market may throw at the rest of your organization.

Businesses in Atlanta have numerous options to choose from when it comes to janitorial services. The Service Fort provides flexible janitorial service while also providing replacement products, including soap, disposable towels, and cleaning supplies. To learn more or to enlist our services, contact us today! (770) 856-5751

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