3 Areas of Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning Services Atlanta

Here is a summary of 3 main areas of commercial cleaning and how these areas can be cleaned for you from ehow.

Commercial cleaning can be broken down into three main areas that customers will want maintained: office and public space; bathroom and kitchen areas; and floor maintenance. A working knowledge of each area will make a cleaning technician a valuable asset to any client.

Public and Office Space

office cleaning services atlanta pictureIn these areas, basic vacuuming and dusting is key. All top areas of dust and cobwebs, will be removed (especially in the winter months when cobwebs seem to appear practically overnight). Dust or wipe down counters, computer monitors and desks.  Papers, documents or personal items left by the daytime office workers will not be disturbed. All trash receptacles will be emptied before vacuuming or mopping the floor as appropriate.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

office bathroom cleaning atlanta pictureCob webs and dust from top areas will be wiped and removed. Mirrors, counters and tile will be wiped down with the appropriate cleaners. All soap and paper dispensers (including every toilet stall) will be checked and and refilled as necessary. All trash emptied. Hand bowls, toilets and urinals will be cleaned and sanitized. Floors will be mopped with a sanitizing solution.

Floor Maintenance

floor cleaning and maintenance services atlanta pictureA floor buffing machine is a necessary piece of equipment for the commercial cleaner. Not only is it imperative for hard floor maintenance, but by purchasing the right set of attachments, it can quickly convert to clean carpets with a shampoo or bonnet cleaner. All hard floors will be buffed as needed to remove scuff marks several times a week in busy corridors. Carpets are cleaned at least once a year. However, high traffic areas may need quarterly or monthly cleaning depending on the client’s preferences and standards.

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